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US Cook Who Beat Daughter To Death, Took Chopped Body Parts To Restaurant

US Cook Who Beat Daughter To Death, Took Chopped Body Parts To Restaurant

Adam Montgomery stuffed his daughter’s body in a tote bag that he carried to his workplace.

An American man thrashed his 5-year-old daughter to death and took her chopped body parts to the restaurant where he worked, prosecutors said.

Adam Montgomery from New Hampshire stuffed her decomposing body into a tote bag that he carried to his workplace and other places before dumping it like “yesterday’s trash”, New York Post cited them as saying. Her body was never recovered.

The 34-year-old accused, who worked as a cook and dishwasher, left the body in the freezer parts next to the food during his shifts, the court was told.

“He brought it with him regularly to work and he stored it in a freezer where the company kept food, ingredients. People saw him bringing that in and out. They couldn’t have imagined what that bag contained,” said prosecutor Christopher Knowles.

Harmony had gone missing in 2019, but the police came to know about it only two years later.

Adam had punched Harmony several times after she had two bathroom accidents in their family car, his estranged wife Kayla Montgomery had told police. The family had been living in the car since they were evicted from their house.

He then went about driving, had his meal and did drugs as the helpless girl moaned in the backseat. The couple found her dead only after several hours when their car broke down, Knowles said.

Adam even hid his daughter’s body in a friend’s car trunk, a cooler in his mother-in-law’s house, a freezer and in a ceiling vent in a homeless shelter, according to the prosecutors.

He then bought a saw and blades, and rented a moving truck in a bid to dispose of the body, believing he would get away if the body isn’t found, they said.

Adam is now serving an over 30-year jail term on weapons charges. He had pleaded not guilty in 2022 to killing his daughter, abuse of a dead body, assault and witness tampering, and accused his wife of lying to protect herself.

Kayla is serving an 18-month jail term for lying under oath.

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