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Try these April Fool’s Day prank ideas to trick your friends


History of April Fools Day remains unknown. — AFP/File
History of April Fools Day remains unknown. — AFP/File

It’s April Fools Day! Have you figured out how you will be pranking your friends and family today?

For centuries, this day is celebrated around the world on the first day of April and its name comes from the custom of playing practical jokes and pulling pranks on this day.

The origins of this day are unknown, but some believe this custom originated in France in 1564, when the new year was declared to begin on January 1, instead of beginning on Easter which is a lunar date.

Those who followed the old customs were the “April Fools.” 

Speaking of being fooled, if you’re still struggling to find ways to fool your loved ones today, then don’t worry because there’s plenty of hilarious options for you on the internet to fool the people around you.

Here are some mischievous pranks that will leave your friends stunned.

Toothpaste cookies or sandwiches

Nobody finds toothpaste incorporated in with snacks appetising and that’s why it is one of the most classic April Fools’ prank to pull.

Take two slices of bread or two cookies. Spread some white toothpaste on one side of the slice of bread or cookie. Then place the other on top and serve the delicacy to your April Fools prey.

Spicy tangerines

Tangy and spicy may not be the best flavour combinations but they make the best prank.

Fill a syringe with hot sauce and inject it into a slice of tangerine. Then offer it to your prey to give their taste buds a confusing yet burning surprise.

Replace hand sanitiser with glue for April Fools Day. — Unsplash
Replace hand sanitiser with glue for April Fools Day. — Unsplash

‘Glue-some’ hand sanitiser

Sticky hands can be irritating but they may be the best mischievous idea for a prank.

Get yourself a hand sanitiser and remove all of its contents from the bottle. Fill it up with clear glue and offer it to your friends in a sticky April Fools prank.


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