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Trans-Canada Highway carbon tax protest monitored by RCMP


Alberta RCMP says its members are continuing to maintain public safety at a carbon tax protest west of Calgary and say members of a similar demonstration were involved in a multi-vehicle crash.

In a Tuesday update, officials said the protest on the Trans-Canada Highway is still being closely monitored to ensure public safety while also respecting the participants’ right to gather and demonstrate.

Police say they’re also on scene to make sure those protesters stay off the highway and do not impede traffic with their vehicles.

“We do not take enforcement action lightly, but the safety of motorists, protesters and a traveller’s right to use a public highway must be maintained,” RCMP said in a news release.

“It is extremely unsafe to stand or impede traffic on a public roadway.”

Protest vehicles involved in crash

At another Alberta protest against the carbon tax, RCMP said five large farm vehicles caused a multi-vehicle crash in the Crowsnest Pass region on Monday afternoon.

Police say the drivers of the vehicles were headed to a protest site and refused to stop for police when officers attempted a traffic stop.

There was no information on any injuries, but police are investigating.

RCMP added that it is illegal for any vehicle to be stopped on any highway in Alberta unless it is incapable of moving under its own power, involved in an emergency or has been stopped by a peace officer or traffic control device.


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