Man drove onto Miami Beach marina boardwalk — and plunged into the ocean, video shows


A man drove onto a Miami Beach boardwalk Sunday morning before veering off and plunging into the ocean.

At around 7 a.m., several people gathered at the South Pointe Park marina boardwalk and stared at the Atlantic Ocean, where a dark-colored car was submerged with its trunk open, according to a video of posted on Facebook by Andres Saion.

The Miami Herald has reached out to Miami Beach police for more information but hasn’t heard back as of Sunday afternoon. It’s unclear whether anyone was injured.

In the post, Asion said he was in his apartment when he heard a loud crash. He rushed to his balcony but didn’t spot the car until glancing at the water. When he saw it floating, he called 911.

“I don’t see anybody, but I don’t know if there’s somebody else in the water,” Asion told police in the video.

Fire rescue personnel, the video shows, swam around the car to check if someone else was inside. A woman and her daughter also told police that they were sitting nearby when they witnessed the car zooming down the boardwalk.

According to Asion, the driver was intoxicated and mistook the boardwalk for a road before he drove over the barrier. The video captured a man drenched in water while sitting on a sidewalk.

After a few minutes, police conducted a field sobriety test, during which the man stumbles when lifting one of his legs in the air, the video shows. Police then cuff the man as he appears to shed tears.

It’s not yet known if the man will face charges.

This report will be updated as more information becomes available


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