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Feathered farewell: Merlin the Macaw leaving Halifax for Ontario


Merlin in Halifax isn’t a wizard, but he’s about to do a disappearing act.

According to a news release from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Merlin the Macaw, a resident mascot for the facility, is flying off to Safari Niagara in Fort Erie, Ontario.

The release says Merlin, who arrived at the museum in 2006, has shown signs of depression and stress since the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted routines and caused a lack of visitor interaction.

“As Merlin’s veterinarian, I have been working with museum staff to monitor Merlin’s health,” said Dr. Kim Peacock with St. Margaret’s Bay Animal Hospital, in the release. “Rehoming Merlin to Safari Niagara will provide Merlin with a more socially stimulating environment with other macaws and bird species. As an intelligent, social and curious animal, the move will benefit Merlin.”

Merlin will be 22 in 2024 and the average age of Macaws is 85 years. He will travel to Safari Niagara on April 15.

“Safari Niagara is looking forward to getting to know Merlin and we are excited to provide Merlin with the opportunity to engage with other macaws and exhibit natural wild behaviours,” said Lana Borg, animal care manager with Safari Niagara.

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