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Easter heist: Burglars take away $30m in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Police says Easter heist is the largest in the citys history. — Instagram@lapdrampart
Los Angeles Police says Easter heist is the largest in the city’s history. — Instagram@lapdrampart

Los Angeles authorities said Wednesday that robbers committed a massive heist at a San Fernando Valley money storage facility taking as much as $30 million on Easter Sunday, marking it the largest in the city’s history.

Officials said that the largest robbery was carried out at a facility in Sylmar where cash accumulated from different commercial enterprises is stored and handled.

Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr Elaine Morales said that the Easter heist burglars were able to breach the building and the safe where the money was stored.

The Los Angeles Times reported citing sources that “the break-in was among the largest burglaries in city history when it comes to cash, and the total surpassed any armored-car heist in the city as well.”

The report also noted that the robbers broke through the roof of the Gardaworld building on Roxford Street and secured access to the vault.

Authorities are baffled as to how the criminals did not trigger the security alarm during the Easter heist.

The burglary came to fore when the vault was opened Monday.

Aerial footage by ABC Los Angeles in Slymar showed a large cut on the side of the building covered by a piece of plywood.

The Times report claimed that very few individuals would have known of the huge sums of cash that were being kept in that safe.

The heist is said to have been conducted by experienced robbers.

Officials after receiving information arrived at the scene and started an investigation.

The last big heist was in 1997 when burglars took over $18 million in cash former site of the Dunbar Armored facility on Mateo Street.

In that case, the thieves were taken into custody.

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